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Spine Services

Leading-Edge Treatment for a Variety of Spinal Disorders

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Addressing a Wide Range of Spinal Problems

UH Spine Institute uses the newest, most sophisticated spinal surgery techniques in conjunction with proven, most established methods to address a wide range of spinal problems, including but not limited to:

Advanced Spinal Surgery Procedures

The UH Spine Institute utilizes techniques that have been shown to improve results, reduce pain and accelerate recovery after spinal surgery.

University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center is among a select group of centers in the U.S. that offer proton therapy for spine tumorsProton therapy is a highly precise radiation therapy used to treat a variety of tumors in adults and children. It is especially valuable for the treatment of tumors on or near vital structures like the spine because the precise delivery minimizes damage to the surrounding healthy tissue and can reduce the side effects of treatment.

Our spine institute offers advanced procedures such as:

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Your health is important. Get expert care.

Offering in-person and virtual visits.


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