Rheumatology Services

Rheumatology Services Include Multidisciplinary Care for Rheumatic Diseases

Experts within the Division of Rheumatology at University Hospitals offer a comprehensive approach to the diagnosis, management and treatment of rheumatic diseases in adults and children. There are more than 200 recognized rheumatic conditions, including lupus, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and Sjögren’s syndrome.

Rheumatic diseases are disorders of the joints, muscles and soft tissues of the body and can often be difficult to diagnose and treat. Some, like osteoarthritis, are the result of wear and tear. Others, such as rheumatoid arthritis, are immune system problems. Rheumatology services treatment plans may include medications, exercise regimens, dietary recommendations, stress management and rest of the affected area. Treatment plan options will be at the discretion of the rheumatology specialist.

Our rheumatology specialists collaborate with colleagues in a variety of related specialties such as orthopedic surgery, physical and occupational rehabilitation, neurosciences and diagnostic radiology. Together, they strive to provide each patient with innovative therapies and personalized care to manage their condition and improve their quality of life.