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Streamlined, Specialized Care for Sjögren’s Syndrome from Multiple Specialties

Sjögren’s syndrome is a long-term autoimmune disease that affects the moisture producing glands of the body. The primary Sjögren’s syndrome symptoms are dry mouth and dry eyes, but others may include dry skin, chronic cough, vaginal dryness, numbness in the arms and legs and general fatigue.

University Hospitals provides Sjögren’s Syndrome treatment using the latest diagnostic and therapeutic approaches and a collaborative care model involving physicians from other specialties. The Sjögren’s Syndrome Center delivers the highest standard of service and care for Sjögren’s patients through its multi-specialty team of physicians who work together to streamline care and reduce the number of visits to numerous specialists.

The UH Sjögren’s Syndrome Center was established to improve treatment, build awareness of the disease and increase clinical research for future treatments. Through its multispecialty team of physicians, including staff from ophthalmology, otolaryngology, neurology, urology, dental medicine, gynecology, gastroenterology and pathology, the center helps patients receive the highest-quality care.