Offering Expert Concussion Care for Every Level of Athlete

As the Health Care Partner for the Cleveland Browns, neuropsychologists and sports medicine physicians at University Hospitals provide concussion care to elite professional athletes. In addition to this care, our team provides a wide range of services for all levels of athletic skill including college, high school and youth teams, as well as individuals within the community. University Hospitals sports medicine physicians and neuropsychologists are specially trained and have years of experience of managing concussions, including the use of tools such as Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing (ImPACT™). This test is a neurocognitive test that assesses memory, concentration, and reaction speed and is the most widely used and researched concussion management tool available.

Consistent with best practices, our team believes that neurocognitive testing is an essential component of concussion management. Our highly qualified specialists work closely with schools and sports organizations to implement valid and reliable administration of computerized concussion testing. We even provide these services onsite to ensure easy access and availability for athletes.

Baseline Assessments Can Help Determine Individualized Treatment

Most athletes who suffer concussions make a full recovery, but there are some who experience chronic headaches, memory and concentration issues, or mood changes. Returning to sports before having fully recovered and received medical clearance increases the risk of developing these problems. No athlete should return to sports until they have had an appropriate medical assessment.

Baseline concussion testing can be performed at the start of a season. If this assessment is done prior to an injury, specialists at UH can then better determine when it is safe to return to sports. Because each concussion is very unique, it is important to know an individual’s baseline results for the most effective concussion management.

Should complications be noted on testing, athletes can meet with expert neuropsychologists for more comprehensive evaluation of a concussion. This testing can help provide treatment recommendations and instructions for schools to help the individual participate to the best of their abilities.

Concussion Treatment Plan toward Recovery

After testing and evaluation, specialists from the UH Concussion Management Program develop a concussion treatment plan for each athlete and their unique symptoms. In the initial stages of concussion recovery, it is important to let the brain rest and recover from the injury. After a period of rest, the patient’s doctor will help them determine the best way to return to normal activities without making concussion symptoms worse.

Because every athlete and concussion is different, individuals should consult their doctor with questions or concerns for the best treatment and recovery outcomes.