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Diagnosing Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries with Impact Concussion Test

The University Hospitals Drusinsky Sports Medicine Institute Concussion Management Program has partnered with Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing (ImPACT™) to provide baseline and post-injury computerized concussion testing. ImPACT™ is the most researched and widely recognized concussion management tool available, with more than 200 publications in scientific journals since the time of its development. ImPACT is in use by more than 7,000 high schools, 1,000 colleges and universities, and 200 professional sports teams to assist in concussion management and return-to-play.

Understanding the ImPACT Concussion Test

The ImPACT Test is not a tool to diagnose concussion, but rather an important piece of the overall concussion evaluation and management process. This sophisticated cognitive test can help healthcare professionals track recovery following concussion by assessing verbal memory, visual memory, processing speed and reaction time.

The ImPACT Test is an important piece of data that healthcare providers use to help determine recovery from concussion. When interpreted by trained specialists and used in conjunction with other concussion management tools, ImPACT testing can help a concussion management team make the right decisions regarding return to play and the need for additional treatment. Having baseline ImPACT testing does not prevent concussions or eliminate the need for evaluation by a physician. As long as contact to the head occurs, concussions will continue to happen and evaluation by a physician is essential before a decision to return to play can be made.

Communicating with Physicians

Baseline concussion testing is only useful if the information gets to an athlete’s doctors when they need it. To help make this process easier, each athlete will be given a secure personal identification code (ImPACT Passport ID) at the time of his or her baseline test at one of our testing sites. This identification code is very important and should be stored in a safe place for future reference. If an athlete has a concussion in the future, the baseline test results can be made immediately available by sharing the Passport ID with an ImPACT-trained specialist.

To Schedule a Baseline Concussion Test

Call 216-983-PLAY to schedule a baseline concussion test. UH Drusinsky Sports Medicine Institute’s Concussion Management Program offers baseline ImPACT testing at little or no cost for both individuals and affiliated groups/teams at several convenient locations in Northeast Ohio. At this time, ImPACT testing is only appropriate for ages 12 and up.