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UH Experts Collaborate to Provide Sexual Health Services for Cancer Survivors

Although lifesaving, many cancer treatments (surgery, radiation, chemotherapy) can have a negative impact on a woman’s ability to enjoy intimacy and sexual activity for a variety of reasons, both physical and psychological. These reasons may include:

  • Fear that the cancer will come back can cause a woman to become withdrawn and emotionally unavailable
  • Insecurities related to physical appearance (hair loss, scarring, removal of one or both breasts)
  • Physical symptoms like fatigue and nausea
  • Decreased hormone levels and menopausal symptoms which can occur after removal of one or both ovaries
  • Structural damage to the pelvic floor, genitals or the nerves that affect sexual response

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To schedule an in-person or virtual consultation with a female sexual health specialist, call 216-844-3009.

Although any cancer diagnosis can contribute to sexual dysfunction, treatments for the following types of cancer are most likely to affect a woman’s sexual health:

When reconstructive surgery is required after cancer treatments, we collaborate with gynecologic and plastic surgeons and reconstructive urologists to offer our patients the most advanced surgical care available, including:

Women with sexual health concerns after cancer do not need a referral to come see us. With our team, no topic is off the table - we listen to your most sensitive concerns and work to develop a personalized treatment plan just for you.

Compassionate Medical, Surgical and Psychological Care for Cancer Survivors

In some cases, addressing the sexual side effects of cancer treatment may not be a primary focus of your oncology team. This may be because of time constraints at each appointment; because of their intense focus on curing the cancer; or because the patient is reluctant to bring up the topic. That is when the UH Female Sexual Health team can step in. We have the time, training and resources to focus on this important aspect of your life and can provide you with the emotional support and clinical care you need to restore your sexual health.

The UH Sexual Health Program is fully integrated with the Women’s Cancer Survivorship Center at UH Seidman Cancer Center. The Center provides women with access to a wide ranges of specialty care and services as they navigate their cancer treatment and recovery.

Pelvic Cancer Survivorship Clinic

If you were treated for pelvic cancer and are now cancer-free, or if you are currently receiving care for pelvic cancer, our compassionate team will monitor, evaluate and treat any side effects that may arise from your cancer treatments.

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