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Neuroimmunology Services

Advanced spasticity management

At the UH Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmunology Program, we provide detailed evaluation for spasticity of any cause and develop a tailored plan for every patient according to their needs and limitations. We provide guided and targeted botulinum toxin injections for treating symptoms confined to a specific part of the body. We offer intrathecal baclofen test injections for patients with diffuse spasticity and arrange for baclofen pump implantation in collaboration with neurosurgery. We provide long-term management of intrathecal baclofen pumps including programming, refills, and trouble shooting.

Outpatient infusion Centers

We have partnered with several outpatient infusion centers within the UH health system to provide infusion therapy for high dose steroids and disease modifying therapies (DMT) across Northeast Ohio. Our centers are certified for infusion of highly effective DMTs like natalizumab, alemtuzumab, rituximab, and ocrelizumab which are indicated in highly active demyelinating diseases. Ocrelizumab is also indicated for primary progressive MS.


In addition to baclofen pump, our team is experienced in evaluating MS patients for other applications of novel neuromodulation technologies aimed at improving functional status. These include functional electrical stimulation for neuro-rehab, wearable devices for foot drop/hip weakness, deep brain stimulation for MS-related tremor, bladder stimulator for bladder dysfunction, and spinal cord stimulator for intractable pain, among others.

Focus on symptoms

In addition to providing the latest in immune therapy for MS and other neuroimmunological conditions, we also focus on restoring function and managing symptoms, such as psychiatric problems, fatigue, chronic pain, walking impairment and bladder dysfunction. Our team has special expertise in evaluating and managing movement disorders in MS and other demyelinating diseases. We also specialize in treating ocular motility disorders in MS patients.


Our team is involved in several research projects in MS and other neuroimmunological disorders including observational studies, clinical trials, immunological studies, neurophysiological studies, and neuro-rehab research, among others. Interested patients will have the opportunity to join existing or upcoming studies and help shape the future of MS.

MS Wellness Clinic

Our MS Wellness Clinic takes a holistic approach to the disease focusing on healthy physical and emotional lifestyles. Our providers work actively with patients towards healthy dieting, regular exercise, smoking cessation, and emotional well-being. We combine conventional and alternative medical approaches to help our patients achieve their wellness goals and improve symptom control.