Multidisciplinary Care

At the UH Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmunology Program, we collaborate with various departments and associates across the UH health system, Case Western Reserve University, and the Cleveland VA to provide multidisciplinary care and unparalleled clinical and research resources for our patients.

Clinical collaborators:

  • Neuropsychiatry: Rajeet Shrestha, MD  and Philip Dines, MD, PhD
  • Psychology: Jeffrey W. Janata, PhD
  • Urology: Donald Bodner, MD and Adonis Hijaz, MD
  • Pain management: Salim Hayek, MD , Al-Amin Khalil, MD and Melinda Lawrence, MD .
  • Physical therapy and Rehab : Rehabilitation services are available for MS patients at several locations across Northeast Ohio including focused neurorehab at the Warrensville Heights Outpatient Rehab Center and the Rehab services at the UH Westlake Health Center .

Research collaborators:

  • Immunology: M. Edward Medof, MD, PhD
  • Epidemiology: Farren Briggs, PhD
  • Functional Electrical Stimulation: The Cleveland FES Center