Patients' Stories of Healing and Health Through Integrative Medicine

Danail Howell and Robert Trager, DC

From Tortured to Blessed

After a terrible accident, Ashland County resident Danail Howell found relief through the pain specialists at the UH Comprehensive Pain Center.

Bill Elliott on his way to the UH Parma Comprehensive Pain Center

Bill’s Story

Bill Elliott dealt with back and nerve pain originating from a landscaping accident, compounded by other injuries over the years. His physician referred him to Kutaiba Tabbaa, MD, a pain management expert at the UH Comprehensive Pain Center.

Chastity Strawder

Chasity’s Story

One minor movement last summer changed the life for Chasity Strawder. Bending over, she felt a “pop” in her neck. The pain was excruciating. Chasity didn’t know where to turn; then she found a doctor at UH Connor who changed everything.

Cooper proudly wears his baseball uniform

Coopers Story

“ADHD is his superpower, a gift he was given, and it's our job to help him optimize these strengths including his physical endurance and creative mind.” Not unlike his older brother, Kelley and Joe's youngest son, Cooper, had a ton of energy. “The...

A integrative medicine specialist showing acupuncture with foot model.

Diane's Story

A former runner finds relief and avoids surgery with the help of UH Connor Integrative Health Network.

Gale Connor with arms outstretched

Gale’s Story

How an avid trail runner dealt with extreme pain that never seemed to abate.

Kerrie Cirino McDowell

Kerrie’s Story

Every day, Kerrie Cirino McDowell has felt the after-effects of her treatment for thyroid cancer. Then she learned that the UH Connor Integrative Health Network offered care that could address her ongoing issues.

Infant Ryver Stiles

Ryver's Story

Father returns to University Hospitals, giving back through music during atrium concert

Sarah Stilgenbauer

Sarah's Story

After becoming a caregiver to her parents, Sarah began experiencing stress and pain in her left hip, which threatened her beloved hobby -- paddle surfing. Then she found chiropractic treatment and massotherapy at UH Connor Integrative Health Network.

Shaynee Novak at home

Shaynee’s Story

Depression hit Shaynee Novak in high school, but it wasn’t until adulthood that she had a name for it. She later discovered that she has the MTHFR gene mutation, which sent her on a course for UH Connor Integrative Health Network.

Susan Mulhern

Susan's Story

Susan relied on medication for years to help her deal with the grief and depression she experienced after the death of her son. She turned to the UH Connor Integrative Health Network for help and found relief through meditation and yoga.

Tasha Taylor being treated at University Hospitals

Tasha’s Story

40-year-old Tasha Taylor of Cleveland lives with excruciating pain from sickle cell disease (SCD). “It feels like someone’s constantly stabbing you, but you’re not dying. You’re just being stabbed over and over for a week or more,” said...