Supportive Services

Chronic illness can cause significant emotional distress ranging from HIV medicine, anxiety to depression. The SIU staff realizes the importance of patients connecting with other patients. Different groups are facilitated to allow this interaction. Pay attention to the calendar on the home page for upcoming events.

Free Zone

A group called “Free Zone” is held the third Tuesday of every month at the SIU for patient socialization and dinner. Experienced and new patients with HIV meet to talk about different issues. Learn more about about Free Zone.

Rules for the group are as follows:

  • You must be HIV+ to participate. If you are not HIV+, you are not allowed to attend. Any other guests will be by invitation only and decided by the group.
  • Come any time between 6 – 7:30 p.m.
  • Feel free to just hang out or talk about issues you know about or are dealing with.
  • Participants are required to respect confidentiality of everyone—anything talked about, including who came to the event, remains at the event.
  • Respect participants. We are coming together from all different backgrounds, walks of life, beliefs, etc. Our goal is to help each other with the one thing we have in common: being HIV+.

For more information, contact 216-844-7895.

Mentoring Program

The staff at the SIU realizes that no one can understand a patient’s condition better than other patients. For this reason a mentoring program is in place. Patients become mentors through referral by their medical team. Mentors are trained volunteers and are connected with newly diagnosed patients or patients with a lack of support. Contact is solely via telephone.


The staff at the SIU is passionate about reaching out to the community to educate about the different aspects of the disease, transmission and risk reduction. Educating individuals is the key to reducing infection rates. If you would like a staff member to speak at a professional meeting, health fair or other event free of charge, please call 216-844-7895.

Support Groups

The SIU offers a variety of support and therapeutic groups for patients. To learn more about these groups, please call 216-844-7895.

Patient Advisory Group

A group of active patients meets monthly to advise and assist the SIU staff to ensure provision of patient-centered, high-quality, and culturally competent care. If you are interested in participating in the Patient Advisory Group, call 216-844-7895.