Infectious Diseases Services

Infectious Diseases Services

Infectious diseases have undergone fundamental changes in the past two decades highlighted by the epidemic of AIDS and resurging pathogens. The Infectious Diseases Division has established preeminent programs in research, clinical practice and education and training. We have developed premier clinical programs with emphasis on HIV medicine, travelers’ health, sexually transmitted diseases and transplant-associated infections. Our faculty has been highly visible and at the forefront of cutting edge infectious diseases practice. The commitment of the faculty to training activities, the high caliber of postdoctoral fellows and house staff, and the rich mix of clinical experiences on the inpatient and outpatient services guarantee a unique experience. Our educational programs have achieved local and national fame and have been directed to undergraduates, medical and graduate students, as well as post-graduates alike.

Infectious diseases at a glance:

  • Comprehensive clinical and research services
  • The John T. Carey Special Immunology Unit
  • Travelers’ HealthCare Center
  • AIDS Clinical Trials Unit
  • Infectious diseases ambulatory practice (areas of interest include orthopaedic infections, chronic infections, transplant-associated infections, and pulmonary and enteric infections.)
  • Ebola Preparedness

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