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Expert Treatment for Diseases of the Liver

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The hepatologists at University Hospitals Digestive Health Institute have extensive experience treating the full spectrum of liver conditions and diseases. Our team of hepatologists, liver surgeons, gastroenterologists, interventional radiologists and other other specialists uses state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques and some of the most advanced treatment options to treat the following conditions:

Advanced Diagnostic Techniques for Liver Disease

When a patient comes to UH with symptoms of liver disease, a multidisciplinary team will collaborate so that an accurate diagnosis can be made. A variety of advanced diagnostic tests and interventional techniques may be used to determine the type and severity of the liver disorder. Diagnostic tests and procedures include:

University Hospitals Has the Expertise to Treat Liver Disease

Sometimes, if caught early enough, liver problems can be managed or even reversed with lifestyle changes or medications. For example, the elimination of all alcohol intake, may allow the liver to heal if the damage is not too advanced. The liver is very resilient and can regenerate itself – producing new cells over time.

However, for many patients who are experiencing symptoms of liver disease, lifestyle changes may not be enough and medications and/or surgery may be necessary.

Medications for the Management of Liver Disease

The recommended medications to treat liver disease will depend on the type of liver disease and may include corticosteroids, anti-viral drugs, water pills, laxatives to eliminate toxins such as ammonia and more.

When medications are part of the total treatment plan for liver disease, it is very important that they be taken exactly as prescribed. However, some medications are expensive and may be difficult for some patients to obtain and/or afford. The liver specialists at University Hospitals work in tandem with the UH Specialty Pharmacy to assist UH patients in obtaining these medications in a timely and affordable manner. The pharmacy team will investigate benefits and work with the patient to provide the medication through the patient’s insurance plan and help facilitate medical benefit approval.

Surgical Treatment Options for Liver Disease

When surgery is required as part of the treatment plan, University Hospitals has a team of expert surgeons with advanced training and experience in performing the full spectrum of surgical procedures for liver disease.

For some patients with end-stage liver disease, liver transplantation may be their best treatment option.

Clinical Trials and Research

In collaboration with the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, the UH Digestive Health Institute is involved in ongoing clinical research related to liver disease. This research provides us with a path forward to develop new technology and innovations to provide our patients with the most advanced, value-based care and improved outcomes. For some patients, participation in a clinical trial is a part of their treatment plan.

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