Committed to Creating a Safer Place for Kids through Child Advocacy and Protection

University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital takes the role of protecting the health and well being of children very seriously. An important part of that commitment is the Child Advocacy and Protection Program.

Child advocacy refers to a cascade of activities designed to help make the world a better place for kids. As doctors, nurses and other specialists involved in direct medical care, we see the results of hazards, environmental risks and unwise public policy decisions.

The advocacy program is designed to put our expertise to work as a resource for parents, educators, regulators, lawmakers and others – the people and organizations with the power to impact health and safety for our kids. Examples include:

  • Working with school systems to increase school lunch quality
  • Working with insurance organizations and Medicaid to update reimbursement practices for pediatrics care
  • Advising government agencies as they modify the legal and regulatory framework to benefit children

Our team promotes the global needs of children at a local and national level, working with a vast network of community organizations and government agencies.

Expertise to Stop and Prevent Child Abuse

The program is focused on fact-finding and intervention in cases of child abuse. We provide medical and psychosocial assessment and management of children suspected of being physically or sexually abused.

A team of qualified specialists including a doctor, nurse practitioner and social worker see children mainly on an outpatient basis. They are also available to see patients admitted to the hospital.

In addition to assessment and management, the team provides comprehensive formal education to professionals working with abused kids.

The service is available to any caregiver with medical authority – including parents and child welfare agencies.