Treating Female Athletes

There are Distinct Differences Between Male and Female Athletes

When it comes to sports and recreation-related injuries, females differ from males in several important ways. For example, our research has shown that concussions are different for young women than for young men. After a concussion, female athletes are nearly twice as likely as males to have problems with thought or memory. They’re also more prone to emotional changes and more likely to have symptoms that last longer than in men.

Female athletes are also at higher risk for suffering ACL tears. When an athlete is suspected of suffering an ACL tear, a quick and accurate diagnosis is important to them. As primary care physicians, we can also help coordinate access to our leading orthopedic experts who can repair the ligament. For female athletes involved in sports that place them at high risk for ligament tears, such as soccer and basketball, we can teach female athletes injury prevention exercises to help avoid tearing their ACL.

Female athletes are also at a greater risk than men for developing stress fractures with certain sports. Our physicians are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of these overuse injuries. We understand how to determine if there is an underlying cause to the stress fracture, such as low bone mineral density or training errors. We also work with sports nutritionists who specialize in helping treat individuals with vitamin deficiencies and low bone mineral density.

Experts in Treating Female Athletes

Because of important differences like these, you want specialists with extensive experience working with female athletes on your side to help avoid and treat injuries.

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