Billing Policies at University Hospitals Elyria Medical Center

Although medical billing is a consistently evolving process, the team at UH Elyria Medical Center strives to maintain our prices as among the lowest in the community. A price list of our most common services is published annually for our patients and community members.

If a bill reflects a service that was not provided, please call us at 440-329-7833 and our team will investigate immediately.

Compliant Billing Interest Policies

At UH Elyria Medical Center, we do not calculate nor charge interest on outstanding payments. Ohio’s Prompt Pay Law requires some insurers to pay interest automatically if they do not pay within the law's time frames. Federal law requires Medicare to pay interest automatically on certain delayed payments.

Understanding the Billing and Payment Process

We bill each patient’s insurance(s) at no charge. If an insurer handles the claim within a reasonable period of time, we will not bill for a patient’s co-payment or deductible until their insurance has determined benefits.

Payment is accepted through a variety of methods, including:

  • Online through our online bill pay center
  • Mail to 630 East River Street, Elyria, Ohio 44035
  • Phone using a credit card at 440-329-7833
  • In person by visiting the cashier located in the front lobby of the University Hospitals Elyria Medical Center

Billing Through Collection Agencies

Because we value our patients and customers, balances are sent to collection agencies only as a last resort. We prefer to arrive at payment arrangements that recognize the patient's financial ability as well as the hospital’s need to be paid for services provided.

For additional information about UH Elyria Medical Center billing policies, please call 440-329-7833.

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