Research Training

Research Day for Surgery Residents
Research Day for Surgery Residents in Lecture
Research Day for Surgery Residents in Lecture
Research Day for Surgery Residents in Lecture
Research Day for Surgery Residents
Research Day for Surgery Residents
Research Day for Surgery Residents
Research Day for Surgery Residents

Research Training

The research efforts are grouped into three broad categories:

  • Translational research involving understanding the mechanisms of arterial and venous endothelial dysfunction
  • Prospective trials in vascular disease
  • Clinical reviews of patients with vascular problems and treatments

Clinical Research Opportunities

The research team includes residents from the Department of Surgery selected as Allen Scholars. Drs. Matthew Allemang, Daniel Kendrick and Ann Kim were Allen Scholars who worked as dedicated research fellows during the last five years.

In addition, we have recruited Case Western Reserve University Masters of Physiology students to complete research projects under the supervision of faculty and Allen Scholars. All trainees within the Division of Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Therapy are encouraged to participate in clinical research and are required to complete at least one project during their training.

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Current/Recent Research Topics

Basic Science

  • Effect of L-arginine supplementation on resolution of endothelial venous dysfunction in lower extremity bypass and amputations
  • Comparing endothelial dysfunction in open versus endoscopic vein harvests for lower extremity bypasses
  • Biomimetic engineering of vascular prostheses using a porcine model

Dialysis Access

  • HeRO Device versus femoral arteriovenous grafts retrospective cohort study
  • Clinical steal in arteriovenous fistulas (AVFs) and arteriovenous grafts (AVGs)
  • Basilic vein transposition: single versus double stage
  • Vein mapping pre- and post- dialysis to determine effects on veno-constriction
  • Venography versus duplex surveillance to assess clinical significance of dialysis access stenosis

Endovascular Simulation

  • Effect of carotid artery stenting simulations on procedure and fluoroscopy times
  • Endovascular simulation leads to efficiency and competence in TEVAR procedures
  • Comparing successful stent seal zone/coverage in simulated EVARs using different deployment devices

Vascular Imaging

  • OPTIMISE trial: Optical Imaging Measurement of Intravascular Solution Efficacy
  • 2D Perfusion: assessment of feasibility and outcomes related to analysis of angiographic perfusion software


  • Effect of duration of dual antiplatelet therapy following lower extremity endovascular procedures
  • Chemoprophylaxis to prevent DVT in transplant patients
  • Bleeding complications after adoption of Xa assays versus PTT for patient receiving IV heparin therapy


  • Occupational radiation exposure: comparison between use of mobile and fixed imaging
  • Renal failure after intravenous thrombolysis for DVT
  • Prevalence of aortic dissections and dilations in patients with bovine arches
  • Health-related costs for patients with carotid occlusions versus moderate stenosis
  • Shopping trial: demonstration of cost reduction in PCI when physicians become price aware