Medical Students

The following classes are offered by University Hospitals Department of Urology for medical students through Case Western Reserve University.

Urologic Surgery Core Clerkship

This clerkship consists of a one-week rotation within University Hospitals Urology Institute during the third year, general surgery core clerkship as an elective. During this rotation, the student will have the opportunity to see patients in both the clinic and operating room settings.

Core skills such as the evaluation of the urology patient, Foley catheterization, and basic surgical technique will be introduced. Students are evaluated at the conclusion of this rotation based on their level appropriate professionalism, ability to obtain and synthesize information regarding patients and their urologic conditions, as well as their commitment to the rotation.

Course length: 1 week

Urological Externship 4000A

The externship is an opportunity for medical students to gain additional exposure to the field of urology. During this two-week elective rotation, students will spend time on the inpatient urology services (adult and/or pediatric), as well as participate in outpatient clinics directly with staff urologists.

Students will be expected to participate in surgical procedures, contribute to daily inpatient care, take part in the management of patients in the outpatient setting, and attend designated education conferences. At the end of this rotation students will receive a grade based on their professionalism, level-appropriate clinical skills, comprehension of urologic diseases, as well as their commitment to the rotation.

Students interested in pursuing a career in urology, or obtaining recommendations from faculty members for residency applications, are strongly encouraged to complete the four-week acting internship.

Course length: 2 weeks

Urology Acting Internship 4001A

The Acting Internship provides an opportunity for medical students to gain additional clinical experience in the diagnosis and management of patients with urologic diseases, as well as enhance medical knowledge of various urologic conditions.

Students will be expected to contribute to patient care in both inpatient and outpatient settings, as well as participate in all resident and medical student teaching conferences. During this rotation, students will spend two weeks in adult urology (general urology, oncology, and reconstructive urology), one week in pediatric Urology, and one week in female urology. While rotating on these services, students will be expected to maintain primarily responsibility for patient care under the supervision of residents and faculty.

Other than open surgery, students will also gain exposure to endourologic and minimally invasive surgical techniques (laparoscopy and robotic) regularly utilized in urology. By the end of the rotation students will have gained a thorough understanding of the field of urology, from book knowledge to clinical practice, and refined their patient diagnosis and physical exam skills, as well as surgical skills.

The end-of-rotation grade will be based upon performance throughout the entire rotation, with particular weight on professionalism, clinical diagnosis and patient skills, level-appropriate surgical skills, competency in urologic knowledge (based upon completion of assigned readings and end-of-rotation exam), Grand Rounds presentation, and commitment to the rotation. Students who are interested in applying for residency programs in urology, particularly those students at Case Western Reserve University, are strongly encouraged to complete this Acting Internship.

Course length: 4 weeks

Visiting Medical Student and Observer Policy

The Case Western Reserve University/University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center Department of Urology provides clinical electives and acting internships for students enrolled in medical schools accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) as well as approved international medical schools. However, medical students at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine are given first priority for all rotations.

Non-Case Western Reserve University students may participate in electives and acting internships only if space is available. Only students who are in good standing in their own medical schools will be accepted. Visiting medical students wishing to take an elective at Case Western Reserve University should email Renee Pickel or Milvonna Jones.


We are no longer accepting observers.

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