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UH Behavioral Health Institute Clinical Psychology Internship

University Hospitals Behavioral Health Institute offers a 2000-hour (minimum), one-year, internship in professional psychology to qualified graduate students from clinical or counseling psychology programs. The University Hospitals psychology internship program trains scholar-practitioners in an academic medical setting to practice at the highest professional standards. The program aims to form psychologists who excel in the provision of clinical care to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families and who will play key roles in advancing the profession.

Educational Philosophy and Training Model

The educational philosophy of the UH Behavioral Health Institute psychology internship program is based on a Practitioner-Developmental-Apprentice model. This model is based on a training mission emphasizing direct clinical practice consistent with the tradition of professional psychology training in the United States (practitioner), facilitating the transition from intern to professional psychologist (developmental), and providing consistent guidance for quality clinical service delivery, as well as, personal and professional growth (apprentice).

The integration of scientific research and clinical practice is emphasized within the psychology department, as well as at University Hospitals. The UH Behavioral Health Institute is dedicated to the training of motivated and well prepared psychologists. Psychology interns/fellows completing the program will be capable of providing comprehensive psychological care to children from infancy through adulthood. The psychology graduates of our program will have mastered a comprehensive understanding of a normal child, adolescent, and adult, relationship and family development, and will have extensive knowledge of the biologic and behavioral underpinnings of psychopathology. In addition, the genetic, medical, and social contributions to normal development and psychopathology will be understood.

Why Choose Us

The UH Behavioral Health Institute is committed to providing a rich and varied educational experience. Trainees will have the opportunity to work under close faculty supervision while learning through their own clinical experiences. These experiences will mold the trainees’ attitudes, theoretical viewpoints, and technical skills. The process will be formalized through a review of each trainee's progress through the training program by the training director.

Interns are viewed in terms of their individually assessed needs and strengths, they are provided with training experiences that facilitate the transition from student to professional, and they are evaluated in terms of what would be expected of someone at their level of training. Goals and expectations for the interns change over the course of the training year, as they acquire new clinical skills and professional competencies. The interns’ areas of needs and strengths are formally evaluated three times a year in addition to ongoing supervision. Appropriate and realistic goals are then established for the next review period. Expectations for clinical practice may change over the course of the year.

We have a competitive benefits package to include:

  • 10 Educational days
  • 20 PTO days
  • Health/Life Insurance
  • Access to great hospitals services