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Alexander Boscia

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Undergraduate School: Carnegie Mellon University

Medical School: Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

Career/Research Interests: Excited for the opportunity to begin learning and mastering the breadth of the OBGYN skills-set and to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with incoming medical students. Interested in teaching and academic medicine. UH's emphasis on education is unrivaled and I'm excited to be part of a program that so values teaching. Still undecided on fellowship, but considering maternal-fetal medicine.

Personal Interests: Exploring Cleveland, Keeping my houseplants alive, Watching obscure Netflix comedies

What Movie or Show Could You Watch (or Book Could You Read) Over and Over Again? Parks and Recreation, Fleabag

Coffee or Tea? Coffee

Favorite Restaurant in Cleveland: Luxe, Blue Habanero, Soho Chicken and Whiskey, Minh Anh, Humble Wine Bar, Lucky's, and more

Favorite Thing to Do in Cleveland: Visiting Balto at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Mix at Cleveland Museum of Art, Feast of the Assumption (Little Italy), Winterfest, Lakewood Park