Svetlana Pundik, MD

Svetlana Pundik, MD
Graduated: 2003
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Neurology, Case Western Reserve University
Research Interests: neural plasticity during stroke rehabilitation

"CWRU is the institution where I developed my interest in neuroscience and where I had an opportunity to develop and conduct my own research. My involvement in translational cerebrovascular neurological sciences began during my undergraduate years, in the CWRU School of Medicine (SOM) neurosurgery and neurology laboratories of Drs. Warren Selman, W. David Lust and Joe LaManna. We were working on metabolic and biochemical consequences of adult and neonatal rodent models of cerebral ischemia and hypoxia. This fascinating line of research formed my interest in neurology and cerebrovascular disease. Throughout my medical training at CWRU SOM and in Neurology at University Hospitals, I was able to remain involved in the ongoing research in these laboratories. The opportunities provided by this rich basic and clinical neuroscience environment at CWRU inspired me to continue pursuing a research career."

"During stroke fellowship at UH, with the guidance of Drs. Dennis Landis and Jose Suarez, I advanced my clinical research skill by completing CWRU's Clinical Research Scholar graduate training program. Also, during my stroke fellowship, I realized the gaps in our understanding of brain plasticity following stroke and during rehabilitation and this sparked my interest in neurorehabilitation science. Neuroplasticity after stroke and during rehabilitation has been the focus of my current research. Through the outstanding mentorship Drs. Janis Daly and Robert Ruff and the funding from the Department of Veterans Affairs CDA-1 and CDA-2 awards, I have been conducting clinical research studies that would further explain the mechanisms of neuroplasticity after stroke and to enhance methods to improve post-stroke recovery."

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