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Leadership in Medical Education Track

Leadership in Medical Education Track

The Neurology Residency Program, in collaboration with internal medicine, psychiatry, pediatrics and emergency medicine, offers a Leadership in Medical Education (LME) track. This is a three-year program that beings in PGY2 and continues until graduation.

Description of the Program

While all residents have many opportunities for teaching, the Leadership in Medical Education (LME) pathway is intended for residents who wish to further develop the skills necessary for becoming an effective educator and leader in the medical education community. The primary goal of the pathway is to establish a solid foundation in the essential theories of adult learning and apply that knowledge in real-life practice.

Elements of the Track

Specific elements of the track include:

  • Participation in a monthly seminar series on educational principles, curricular strategies, adult learning theory and other aspects of medical education. Half of the sessions are neurology only, and the other half are combined together with internal medicine and psychiatry.
  • Involvement in IQ and/or IQ+ at the medical school
  • Planning and oversight of the orientation process for PGY2s at the start of the academic year
  • Engagement in teaching: Neurology Residency, Block 6 at the medical school, teaching to other department residency programs (e.g., IM, Psych, Family Med)
  • Participation in the UH Graduate Medical Education and the SOM Education Retreats
  • Being resident members of the department's Program Evaluation Committee (PEC) which meets quarterly to discuss education and curricular topics in the department.
  • Participation in one "outside" CME program related to education/leadership (funded by the track, for example, the Principles of Medical Education course: Maximizing Your Teaching Skills)
  • A scholarly component that would need to be completed by the time of graduation or transfer to a fellowship program (could be an educational research project, development of a curricular series or other educationally focused project)
  • Completion of CREC training for IRB (whether or not an IRB protocol is submitted)
  • All residents in this track attend courses at the Weatherhead School of Management which upon completion leads to a Certificate of Leadership in Medical Education. This course work occurs in PGY3 and PGY4 and consists of four programs/courses - two required and two electives.


  • Igniting Positive Change through Appreciative Inquiry
  • Introduction to Emotional intelligence


  • Beyond Features and Benefits: Tools for Experienced-Based Innovation (Design)
  • Coach Approach: Initiating Dialogues for Effective Outcomes (Coaching)
  • Communication Strategies for Women in Leadership (Women in Leadership)
  • Enhancing Customer Experience through Design (Design)
  • Influencing at All Levels (Communication)
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills (Communication)
  • Leading with Greater Self-Awareness (Emotional Intelligence)
  • Manage Your Energy. Not Just Your Time (Communication)
  • Manage Your Mind First: The Promise of Mindfulness in an Uncertain Time (Emotional Intelligence)
  • Mastering Cross Cultural Communication (Communication)
  • The Neuroscience of Leadership (Emotional Intelligence)

Selection for residents occurs in this track is through a process of application and selection by a sub-set of the Program Evaluation Committee at the beginning of the PGY2. Two or three PGY2 residents are accepted into this track. The faculty mentor for this program will be the neurology program director.

Present Residents in this track:

  • PGY7 Kelsey Duncan, MD
  • PGY6 Alexander Lewis, MD
  • PGY5 Hemani Ticku, MD
  • PGY4 James Dolbow, DO
  • PGY4 George Sadek, MD
  • PGY4 Caleb Winner, MD
  • PGY4 Paul Lacanienta, MD
  • PGY3 Abdullah Alam, MD
  • PGY3 Malak Alaboudi, MD
  • PGY3 Joshua Edmondson, MD
  • PGY3 David McClendon, DO
  • PGY3 Daniel Wood, MD
  • PGY2 Beddome Allen, MD
  • PGY2 Adeeb Narangoli, MD
  • PGY2 Samantha Patton, MD
  • PGY2 Ameena Shafiq, MD
  • PGY2 Jason Brown, MD
  • PGY2 Alexandra Thele, MD