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Epilepsy Center and the Epilepsy EEG Course

University Hospitals Neurology Residency EEGOne of the highlights of the PGY3 year is the eight-week rotation in the Epilepsy Center at University Hospitals. First put into place by Hans Luders, MD, PhD, the Epilepsy/EEG course is now under the direction of Jun Park, MD. Taught by Epilepsy Center faculty, the course begins with an introduction to EEG Electronics and covers a wide variety of topics.

Morning sessions feature traditional classroom lectures. During afternoon sessions, trainees read with the supervising fellows and attending physicians in the routine EEG and video-EEG monitoring units. Daily assignments are reviewed and include one EEG recording interpretation and one or more "EEG unknowns." Residents also attend weekly Epilepsy Grand Rounds, Neurology Grand Rounds, patient management meetings and epilepsy case presentations.

Course and Lecture Topics

University Hospitals Neurology Residency EEG UnitWeek One

  • EEG Electronics

Week Two

  • Normal EEG
  • Sleep
  • Social and economic concerns

Week Three

  • EEG in Epilepsy & Encephalopathy
  • EEG Criteria: Brain Death
  • Epileptogenesis

Week Four

  • Epidemiology & Prognosis
  • EEG Classification
  • Semiology

Week Five

  • Genetics
  • Presurgical Evaluation
  • Neuroimaging
  • Neurophysiological Evaluation
  • Neuropathology
  • Surgical Therapies

Week Six

  • Intraoperative Monitoring
  • Evoked Potentials

Week Seven

  • Anti-seizure medications

Week Eight

  • Neonatal EEG & Seizures
  • EEG Maturation
  • Pediatric Epilepsy/Paroxysmal Events
  • Ketogenic Diet/Teratogenesis