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How to Apply

Division of Internal Medicine

All applicants that meet the internal medicine residency requirements must sign up with the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP). This is a separate registration from the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). In order to participate in the match, you need to register at NRMP.org. If needed, your medical school can assist you with this process.

Statement on Virtual Interviews

Interviews for our IM residency will be 100% virtual this year. We believe strongly that virtual interviews are an important social justice issue- leveling the playing field for applicants who may lack resources for increasingly expensive travel, and avoids adding to the student debt burden. We also believe that travel contributes to greenhouse gases and global warming, and cutting down on travel is an environmental issue. We fully support the guidelines put out this year by the AAMC.

Application Review and Invitation Guidelines

Most applications will be reviewed by the end of October, but we will be reviewing applications through the end of December. We will be sending out invitations twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays. We will never send out more invitations than we have interview slots. Invitations will not be sent before 11 AM EST.

Pathways and Corresponding Program Codes

When you have completed your interview process and begin to organize your rank list, you will need to have a list of pathways and corresponding program codes to rank to match in your desired program with us, including:

  • Internal Medicine Categorical: 1552140CO
  • Internal Medicine/Center of Outpatient Education: 1552140C5
  • Internal Medicine/Leadership in Medical Education: 1552140C8
  • Internal Medicine/Global Health: 1552140C1
  • Internal Medicine/Harrington Physician-Scientist: 1552140C2*
  • Internal Medicine Preliminary: 1552140PO
  • Internal Medicine/Genetics: 1552766CO**

Open-Door Policy

We have an open-door policy and are happy to meet with you at any time. You are able to rank more than one pathway to try and ensure a match in our program. Keep in mind that if you match in our Categorical Pathway and you develop a keen interest in another pathway, you can meet with the program director or the associate program director to let them know of this interest, and we can try to accommodate your request. We are flexible and would like your training to be meaningful and to ensure we are helpful in assisting you with your career goals.

*In order to be considered for the Harrington Physician-Scientist pathway, you must have been invited/interviewed on one of the specific interview dates.

*In order to be considered for the Genetics pathway, you must have interviewed with both Genetics and Internal Medicine departments.

Meet Our Administrative Staff

Division of Internal Medicine residency admins

Deena Segal
Manager, Medicine Post Graduate Education

Regina Steffen
Senior GME Program Administrator

Laura DeLong
Intermediate GME Program Administrator

Rebecca Clements
Associate GME Program Administrator

Tawana Holifield
Associate GME Program Administrator