Interview with Erika Lundgrin, MD

Erika Lundgrin, MDYear of graduation from the Med-Peds Residency Program: 2017
Fellowship program specialty and institution: Med-Peds Endocrinology, University Hospitals / UH Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital

What sets this Program apart? Why do you enjoy it?

UH and UH Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital both have categorical endocrine fellowship programs whose departments I've enjoyed working with throughout residency. When I told them I wanted to stay in Cleveland while my husband completes his residency training, they were very open to working with me to become their first combined endocrine fellow.

What was the key to you obtaining a position with the program and performing successfully at the interview? What helped you stand apart from the competition?

Pursuing a combined fellowship in itself set me apart. Plus, faculty and current fellows from both departments knew my track record from residency, as well as my sincere interest in the field and their programs. There are some logistical challenges to a combined fellowship that are easily overcome with a little persistence and familiarity with the individual programs.

What role does the right Med-Peds Residency Program play in a future career for a resident?

The best program is one that prepares you well for the career you want to pursue, a strong categorical training in both medicine and pediatrics and accessible med-peds faculty mentors.

How did the Med-Peds Residency Program prepare you to be successful?

I always knew I wanted to pursue endocrine fellowship, so most important to me was that I had exposure to both adult and pediatric endocrinology at UH/UH Rainbow.

What is the most fun memory from your time in the Med-Peds Program?

I have such fond memories of spending time at the Diabetes Camp that is facilitated each summer by our pediatric endocrine department. As a resident spending both day and night at the camp as a member of the dispensary staff (medical team), I had the opportunity to get to know the campers who all had diabetes, work closely with nursing colleagues and learn so much about insulin management and pumps. I also learned a little archery along the way.

What would you advise current residents to do in order to secure a spot in a strong Fellowship Program?

Try to find and work on projects you really care about; it will be more enjoyable to do, of course, but also your interest and passion will be all the more obvious when you discuss them at your interviews. And I cannot emphasize enough the importance of finding good mentors to help you through the process.

What are your future professional goals?

My goal is to complete Med-Peds Endocrinology fellowship then secure a dual academic position. I want to continue longitudinal care of patients of all ages with endocrine diseases (such as diabetes) and stay involved in teaching medical students and house staff.