VA Resident Processing

Preparing for Rotation at VA Hospital

One of the possible rotations for a resident may be at the Northeast Ohio VA Healthcare System. To insure a smooth transition into the VA system, please submit a complete application packet, as described below. These forms are necessary to provide you with computer access and to provide coverage against any federal tort (malpractice claims).

Please submit the following documents together to create a complete application packet. Use your local contact information whenever possible. Submit your completed application packet at least one month before your first day at the VA. Where signatures are required, you must electronically sign. Improperly completed application packets may delay your onboarding, so read carefully.

  1. Directions and a step-by step guide to completing the Department of Veteran Affairs Application process
  2. VA Application Packet
  3. COVID-19 Attestation - Please complete form 10-230 and email it with your application packet.
  4. Adobe Acrobat Reader (required for Adobe electronic signatures) can be downloaded for free
  5. NOTE: We require a front and back copy of your BLS or ACLS card. It needs to be sent as a separate email to and have your first and last name in the subject line.
  6. NOTE: We require a front and back copy of your COVID-19 vaccination card. Please send as a separate email with your first and last name in the subject line to

VA Northeast Ohio Healthcare System
10701 East Blvd Cleveland, OH 44106
Education Office - Mail Code 14
216-791-3800 Ext: 64110