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We are an education-focused department that believes in a comprehensive strategy to supplement the learning that occurs in the operating room. A significant amount of work and effort comes from our dedicated teaching faculty to educate our residents outside of clinical care as outlined below:

Weekly Education Day

Every Wednesday is reserved for education and our residents have protected time that is away from any clinical duty. In the morning session our CA-1 residents are given 3 hours of time in our "Basic" longitudinal curriculum which is intended to prepare them for their ABA Basic Exam. We encourage more interactive presentations and PBLD in lieu of traditional lecture-slide teaching. For our afternoon sessions, our CA-2 and CA-3 class attend our "Advanced" longitudinal curriculum which is intended to prepare them for their ABA Advanced and Applied exams.

Grand Rounds

Every Wednesday morning from 7am-8am we have a departmental wide educational lecture session led by visiting professors, our own faculty, or our senior residents/fellows. We have a wide range of topics that are presented at our morning conferences and also have mortality and morbidity presentations during this time slot.

Simulation Lab

Every Wednesday our core group of simulation faculty lead a 2-hour session with a small group of residents in our simulation lab. We have a fully functional Laerdal sim man, anesthesia machine, omnicell, "surgeons", and a room that fully simulates an operating theater. Our distinguished simulation faculty have presented at numerous IMSH conferences highlighting our simulation education and our experts in the field of simulation teaching. Our simulation experience is one of the most frequently positively reviewed aspects of our educational curriculum.

Journal Club

Once a month one of our divisions supports a journal club for the residents. Dinner, drinks, and a robust academic discussion take place while we examine several peer-reviewed journal articles and learn how to dissect a study and how to apply it to the practice of anesthesiology.

Anesthesia Toolbox

We have an institutional subscription to Anesthesia Toolbox that we use to supplement our own content, lectures, and intra-operative teaching from faculty. All of our residents receive an account for the duration of their residency that includes power point lectures, podcasts, practice exam questions, curricula, PBLD sessions, study guides, and other learning resources.

True Learn

We purchase subscriptions to the respective True Learn question banks so that our residents are fully prepared to excel on their ITE, ABA Basic, and ABA Advanced exams.

CWRU Library/Clinical Key

Our affiliation with CWRU School of Medicine allows for our residents to take full advantage of the many resources available to students of CWRU. A multitude of textbooks for anesthesia, critical care, and many other pertinent subjects are available free of charge.