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UH Elyria Services

Women’s Health Services at UH Elyria Medical Center

Beginning November 1, 2023, labor and delivery services for UH Elyria OB/GYN patients will be offered at UH St. John Medical Center in Westlake.

This reorganization creates a center of excellence for labor and delivery in the UH western region. Concentrating services at one location will increase patient volume and ultimately enhance the quality of care we provide. National studies confirm that increasing the number of similar procedures at a hospital improves patient care, patient safety and patient experience.

Services Available

UH Elyria OB/GYN patients can continue to receive pregnancy and post-delivery care at UH Elyria Medical Center and UH Medical Practice. In addition to women’s and children’s services, we offer:

  • OB/GYN physician and midwife care
  • Lactation consultation and support
  • The Hampson Mole Breast Health Suite
  • GYN and breast surgical services
  • Pediatric emergency services in the UH Rainbow-branded Emergency Department on the UH Elyria campus

An expansion of onsite services also is planned for at-risk pregnant women, pregnant women with diabetes and pregnant women with medical complications.

Services Available at St. John Medical Center

UH St. John has a high level of expertise in delivering babies and the full support of onsite UH Rainbow pediatricians 24 hours a day.

Family birthing suites at UH St. John Medical Center offer single-room maternity care. The mother stays in the same room for labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum. The support person can stay with the mother throughout the entire hospital stay.

Holistic Birth Center

The holistic birth center at UH St. John Medical Center Family Suites provides a familiar, warm and homelike environment where families can experience birth. The holistic birth center is designed for the low-risk mother and healthy baby. We offer services such as hydrotherapy, music therapy, aroma therapy and massage therapy to provide women and their families with a natural and satisfying childbirth experience

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