Family Birth Center at UH St. John Medical Center for Labor, Delivery and Recovery 

Family birthing suites at University Hospitals St. John Medical Center offer single-room maternity care. The mother stays in the same room for labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum. The support person can stay with the mother the entire hospital stay. Family members and siblings are also welcome to share in the experience. Immediate family members are never considered “visitors” and may visit at any time as long as your condition and the condition of your baby permits.

The birth center staff is committed to offering options and encouraging women to participate in the decision making. Options for pain management include:

  • Epidural anesthesia
  • Analgesia such as Nubain

Your wishes and needs will always be taken into consideration. Whatever your choice, our experienced staff will support your needs, starting with childbirth education classes, followed by providing a safe environment for the delivery of your baby, and finally with support groups for new moms and breast feeding after your discharge. Feel free to explore with a tour of our unit.

Lactation Services Recognition

The birth center at UH St. John Medical Center has been honored for excellence in breastfeeding support services by First Steps for Healthy Babies, a breastfeeding initiative by the Ohio Hospital Association and the Ohio Department of Health. This includes being named a Three-Star Hospital and earning a Maternity Care Best Practice Award as a "Bag Free Facility" for 2017.

Holistic Birth Center at UH St. John Medical Center

The Holistic Birth Center at UH St. John Medical Center Family Suites has been developed to provide a familiar, warm and homelike environment where families can experience birth.

Our goal is to nurture a woman’s sense of personal strength and self confidence so that she may experience the birth process with dignity and empowerment.

The holistic birth center is designed for the low-risk mother and healthy baby. Motivated couples that are interested in utilizing the birth center will participate in the holistic birth center orientation that will define low risk. The use of routine IVs, pitocin and epidural anesthesia are not available in the birth center. Instead, we encourage the use of aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, music therapy and massage therapy, allowing labor to unfold naturally.

To learn more about the holistic birth center, call 877-597-6348.

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