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Labor & Delivery Services at University Hospitals Birthing Center in Cleveland, OH

Your best possible pregnancy and birthing experience begins when you choose the mom and baby experts at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio. Parents-to-be who choose to have their baby at UH Cleveland Medical Center's birthing center have the assurance of knowing the highest level of expertise for moms and babies is available onsite, along with compassionate support in a secure, nurturing environment.

Labor and delivery room at UH Cleveland Medical Center

  • Private, comfortable labor and delivery rooms 
  • Level IV NICU at UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital – ranked #6 in the nation and the highest ranked NICU in Northeast Ohio – is located onsite and just steps away from maternity unit.
  • Overnight accommodations in your room for partner or support person
  • Family-centered environment for siblings and other family members; doulas also welcome
  • 24/7 onsite OB anesthesia services
  • Rooming-in (your baby stays in your room) and skin-to-skin (kangaroo care) encouraged to help parents bond with baby
  • Certified lactation consultants and nursing staff trained in breastfeeding techniques
  • Our 365 Newborn Photography will take professional photos of your baby, usually the day after birth. You will receive information on how to purchase those photos.

Need A Prenatal Care Provider?

Find a doctor or nurse midwife on the team at UH Cleveland Medical Center.

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Birthing Support for Your Labor & Delivery Vision

Our team at UH Cleveland's maternity hospital is committed to helping you have a safe, memorable birthing experience that is tailored to the unique needs and preferences of you and your family, while keeping you and your baby safe.

For women who prefer a natural labor and birth experience with as little intervention as possible, we offer showers and water birth tubs, birth balls, aromatherapy, body repositioning, free movement during labor and other alternative techniques to relieve labor pain. We also offer epidural anesthesia, nitrous oxide and other medicated pain management options. A member of the OB anesthesia team will meet with you and discuss your labor pain relief plan when you are admitted to labor and delivery.

Please speak with your doctor or nurse midwife about your birth vision and consider creating a birth plan prior to your baby’s due date.

Exceptional Labor and Birth Outcomes for Mothers and Babies

Postpartum patient room at UH Cleveland Medical CenterAs an academic medical center, we use the latest evidence-based practices to provide the best possible labor and birth outcomes for both you and your baby. The implementation of these practices has resulted in a primary C-section rate that is lower than state and national averages, and outcomes for VBAC that are significantly better than the national average. Giving birth at UH Cleveland's childbirth hospital gives you and your baby the best possible outcome during labor and delivery. 

Award-Winning Lactation Services

Neonatal patient room at UH Rainbow Babies & Children's HospitalUH Cleveland Medical Center has earned several distinctions for its focus on providing breastfeeding support for new mothers and babies. This includes being recognized as a Five-Star Hospital and a Maternity Care Best Practice Award "Bag-Free Facility" by First Steps for Health Babies, a breastfeeding initiative by the Ohio Hospital Association and the Ohio Department of Health. The hospital is also an International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA)-recognized hospital for its dedicated lactation support program.

Baby Friendly Maternity Hospital

At UH Cleveland Medical Center, high-tech coupled with high-touch is the hallmark of great care. We are proud to have earned the prestigious Baby-Friendly designation, a distinction that places emphasis on mother/baby bonding, breastfeeding and other proven maternity care practices that are beneficial to mother and baby.

As a Baby Friendly-designated birthing center, we also offer a variety of breastfeeding resources is committed to creating the best possible environment for successful breastfeeding.

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