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Nursing at UH Cleveland Medical Center

Ensuring a Premier Patient Experience through Nursing Excellence

At University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, nurses have always been our front-line caregivers. Every day, they care for patients of all ages – from newborns to seniors – expertly blending compassion with advanced knowledge, technical skills and professional integrity.

As healthcare systems have evolved, so has the role of the nurse. Today’s nurses are essential partners on interdisciplinary teams, not just providing care at the bedside but participating in the development and implementation of complex care plans for their patients across multiple caseloads. Their knowledge and experience is essential as hospitals seek to improve processes and enhance patient care.

At UH, our nurses uphold a strong culture of patient-centered care, which extends across every discipline and takes into consideration each patient’s unique circumstances, including:

  • Lifestyle
  • Family situation
  • Cultural traditions
  • Religious beliefs

Taking all of these factors, and more, into consideration, UH nurses provide patients with personalized care beyond the bedside, including:

  • Helping them transition from hospital to home or other healthcare setting
  • Arming them with the education they need to continue their recovery after discharge
  • Counseling them in preventive health and wellness education
  • Providing resources to those with chronic conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease

National Recognition

Magnet: University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center has been Magnet designated by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's since 2006. The Magnet Recognition Program recognizes healthcare organizations for quality patient care, nursing professional advancement, community influence, and innovation. Magnet status is considered the “gold standard” of nursing and validates that UH CMC nurses have specialized and ongoing professional training to deliver the highest quality care. UH CMC nurses are engaged and have the opportunities to be involved in the improvement of patient safety outcomes and healthy work environments. There are over 3,000 nurses at UHCMC who lead the future of healthcare and the nursing profession by being empowered, supported and having a voice within the organization.

NICHE: UH Cleveland Medical Center also holds NICHE (Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders) designations – a nursing education program designed to improve geriatric care.

UH Cleveland Medical Center Annual Report in Nursing

View the 2020-2021 Nursing Annual Report and see how our UH nurses make a difference.


UH Nurses empower, advocate and innovate to achieve excellence in human caring.


UH nurses will be a powerful force for blending technology, innovation and compassion to transform patient- centered care and improve the communities we serve. With individualism, career growth and leadership development as guiding influences, UH nurses will reshape and expand their roles both inside and outside our walls.


Human needs and caring theory guide the art and science of UH Nursing.

Personal Commitment

At UH Cleveland Medical Center, nursing is not just a job – it is a lifestyle and a passion for those who choose to pursue it as a career.