Small Group Personal Training

View the Small Group Personal Training Schedule (updated 9/21)

Contact Renee at with questions or call 440-988-6822.

Aging Actively

Personalized program for seniors that includes cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility in various formats with emphasis on form and fun. Pre- and post-program testing to gauge progress will be offered.

Better Body Small Group Personal Training

A 6 – 12 week program aimed at weight loss and increase in physical conditioning. During the program “off-seasons” we offer a small group training for previous participants who have enjoyed the camaraderie and accountability. Workouts include a combination of cardiovascular and strength training.

HOPE Cancer Exercise Program

The HOPE program is an exercise program for cancer patients at any stage of treatment (who are currently going through cancer or who have been in remission up to 6 months) tailored to individual goals and needs.

Jordan’s Personal Training (PT) Group

With the goal to improve body composition a variety of cardiovascular and strength exercises will be incorporated. The focus is weight loss through interval conditioning and focus on form and alignment.

Post Physical Therapy Exercise Program

Have you recently had a knee or hip surgery and need a little more help with your exercise program after physical therapy? Post PT group is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30 – 1 p.m. Groups forming monthly (we need 3 participants to start a group). Contact Ryan or Renee for more information or pick up a referral form at the front desk.

Roger’s Personal Training (PT) Group

Strength and conditioning with focus on form and alignment with free weights. Some cardiovascular conditioning is also incorporated.

Running Group

Led by Certified Long Distance Running Coach teaching about form, pacing, goal setting, injury prevention and more! Get inspired and fit while meeting others of a variety of running abilities. All levels welcome! Runs are announced via Sole Mates Run Club Private Facebook Group.

TRX Total Body Conditioning/Boot Camp

Body weight exercises using the suspension training system. This functional exercise routine is great to improve posture and core muscular endurance. Exercises can be modified based on your needs and fitness.

Tai Chi Immersion

A gentle but strengthening program which builds week after week to both relax and energize the body and mind utilizing breathing techniques, meditation and sun style Tai Chi. Learn proper alignment to increase confidence to practice in other classes. Handouts with photos.

Yoga Immersion

Workshop format teaching how and why for a variety of popular poses, yoga history, etiquette, meditation and relaxation. Learn proper alignment to increase confidence to practice in other classes. Handouts with photos.