Small Group Personal Training

View the Small Group Personal Training Schedule (updated 2/18)

Contact Renee at with questions or call 440-988-6822.

Beth’s PT Class

Improve balance, core strength and tone while receiving individual attention in a small group.

Boot Camp

Focuses on weight loss with calorie-burning drills to keep heart rate high and increase muscular endurance. TRX is also included.

Extreme Loser Maintenance

For current or previous Extreme Loser participants who desire small group personal training for weight loss.

Running Program Group Run

Outdoor run offered as an option for those enrolled in the running program. Other times may be added based on participant interest.

Linda’s PT Class

For the aqua exerciser (or any exerciser) who is unfamiliar with the machines and other fitness center exercise options.

TRX BootCamp

Step it up a notch for with TRX® BootCamp and take your fitness to the next level. Special summer sessions will include cardio drills and training outdoors along with strength training indoors on the TRX. Alternate intervals of high-intensity exercise with short periods of rest. These fitness bootcamp classes are intense but always different, so you get a great workout without ever getting bored. Come on out and have fun while improving your flexibility and endurance as you tone and strengthen.

TRX Circuit

Interval circuit of strength, cardio and core exercises on and off the TRX suspension trainer, with the addition of other pieces of equipment.

TRX Intro

Learn the fundamentals of TRX to improve muscular strength and endurance while safely working your core.

TRX Total Body Conditioning

Total body strength and conditioning for muscle tone and fat burning.