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Membership Benefits at the UH Fitness Center in Avon

The UH Fitness Center in Avon offers over 150 pieces of interactively programmed commercial fitness equipment to meet the specific needs and ability level of each member. Our fitness specialists all have advanced degrees specializing in physical fitness and are available to assist and instruct members interested in individualized workout programs. Because correct form is essential for positive results and injury prevention, both new and existing members are encouraged to partake in complimentary fitness assessments and equipment orientations.

UH Fitness Center in Avon Features

Members of the UH Fitness Center in Avon have access to:

  • 75 foot, six-lane lap pool
  • Cardiovascular training equipment
  • Changing rooms for people with disabilities
  • Circuit training equipment
  • Customized fitness programs by trained exercise experts
  • Indoor/outdoor track
  • Group exercise class studios
  • Gym for basketball
  • Online services
  • Outdoor tennis courts
  • Personal training
  • Racquetball, squash and handball courts
  • Senior programs
  • Separate free-weight area
  • Separate women’s and men’s whirlpool, steam room and sauna
  • Swim lessons
  • Warm water therapy pool
  • Water fitness classes

Contact Us

For more information on monthly membership rates, request membership information online or call member services at 440-988-6801.

Terms & Conditions of Membership

Membership is done on a month-to-month basis with no annual contracts. Monthly dues to be a member of the UH Fitness Center in Avon will be charged between the first and the fourth day of each month.

Monthly Membership Cancellation Policy

Cancellation requests must be in writing either on a UH Fitness Center in Avon Business Office form (available at UH Fitness Center in Avon front desk), or by email with confirmation of receipt by our member services team.

If a cancellation request is received at the UH Fitness Center in Avon on or before the fifth of the month, the membership will be terminated effective the last day of the present month. For example, if a cancellation request is received on or before September 5, billing will stop and the membership terminates effective September 30.

If a cancellation request is received after the fifth of the month, membership dues will be billed for the upcoming month but terminated the following month. For example, for a request received on September 6 or after, membership dues will be charged for October. The membership is considered terminated effective October 31.

Changing Membership Types

The member services team is able to add or withdraw individuals from memberships. Additional enrollment fees will be required when adding family members.

Bridging a Membership

A member may request that his or her membership be bridged (placed on hold) according to the following parameters:

  • A request to bridge a membership must be submitted in writing to the UH Fitness Center in Avon business office by the 20th of the month, prior to billing date, to bridge the following month. Prorating the month is not an option.
  • A member may request to bridge his or her membership for any reason, once per calendar year for a one-month period, for a nominal fee. Additional bridging, up to three months is also available.
  • The membership status will remain inactive during bridged period and the member will not have access to the UH Fitness Center in Avon.
  • Requests for extended bridging of a membership will be honored for medical reasons and/or extenuating circumstances (e.g., pregnancy, relocating residence out of state) and subject to approval by the member services manager. A membership may be bridged for a minimum of one month and must not exceed four months under these circumstances.


  • All guests must provide a valid photo ID at check-in.
  • All guests must sign a waiver and par-q form prior to using the facility.
  • All guests aged 15 – 17 must have a signed parental consent form on file at the UH Fitness Center in Avon. An updated form must be completed each year.
  • Guests must purchase a guest pass.

Loss of Membership Privilege

  • The UH Fitness Center in Avon reserves the right to withdraw membership privileges for any of the following reasons:
  • Knowledgeable abuse or misuse of the center’s equipment or facilities.
  • Destruction of the center’s equipment or property.
  • Theft of the center’s equipment or of the property of other members and visitors and/or center team members.
  • Failure to follow proper safety practices and precautions.
  • Fighting on the center’s premises.
  • Use of profanity toward the center’s team members or other members.
  • Possession of alcohol on the center’s premises.
  • Possession of illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia.
  • Smoking or use of tobacco products in the center.
  • Failure to pay membership fees.
  • Any behavior detrimental to the reputation and operation of the UH Fitness Center in Avon.


Unless you have an annual locker rental, all personal items should be removed and taken with you when you leave. Please report lost locker keys to the front desk. Any items left in lockers will be removed each night.

General Guidelines

  • Members 45 years of age and older are recommended to go through a fitness assessment prior to using the UH Fitness Center in Avon facilities. Based on American College of Sports Medicine Guidelines, some members may be required to obtain a physician’s recommendation prior to utilization.
  • Any change in a member’s health status (e.g., pregnancy, injury) should be reported to the fitness specialist and/or program manager.
  • Members who are involved in or witness an injury should report it immediately to a team member.
  • UH Avon Health Center is a smoke-free and tobacco-free campus. Thank you for not using tobacco products on our premises.
  • Anyone under the influence of alcohol will be asked to leave the premises.
  • Children under the age of 15 are not permitted to use the facility except during designated Family Day hours or when accompanied by the personal training team.
  • The center is not responsible for the cost or replacement of any member’s lost or stolen items.
  • Lost and found items can be picked up at the front desk. Items not retrieved after 30 days will be donated to charity.

Front Desk

  • All members and guests must check in at the front desk. Members must present their membership cards to gain access to the facilities.
  • Guest keys and towels are available at the front desk.
  • All spinning and court reservations are made at the front desk by phone or in person. Limit one reservation per visit.
  • Equipment rentals are available with your membership card/locker key.