Group Fitness Studio 2

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Levels of Fitness
Level 1=Beginners
Level 2=Intermediate
Level 3=Advanced

Arthritis Exercise Program

Studio based class for participants limited by Arthritis or joint pain taught by Certified Instructors.

No charge for members. Non-members can purchase a 30-visit punch card for $100.00. Photo ID required each visit. Level 1

Breathe, Balance, and Core

This quick 30 minute class includes balance poses along with focus on breathing to strengthen muscles and core. All Levels


Intensely challenging 30-minute core workout that gets you results where it counts the most! All Levels/modifications available

Fit at Any Age

A gentle but effective exercise program which focuses on strength training, flexibility and stretching. Level 1

Gentle Yoga

Consists of basic Yoga in a chair with optional floor work. Relaxation is included at the end of most classes. All Levels

Hatha Yoga

Gentle rotation of the spine and joints are combined with focused breathing and relaxation movements. All Levels

Havin' a Ball

Fun and effective workout using Fitness Balls and various modified drills. Levels 2, 3 (1 with modifications)


Strengthen and lengthen you abs, oblique and back muscles by developing core stability. All Levels

Power Yoga

Incorporates dynamic flow of movement, breath and meditation to foster strength, flexibility as well as relaxation. Offers a challenge to all that attend. Levels 2 & 3

Super Sculpt

Improve muscles definition and endurance utilizing various equipment such as free weights, body bars and bands. All Levels

Tai Chi

Slow moving, gentle exercise to decrease pain, improve balance, strength and flexibility. Class emphasis on warm-up and cool down exercises, breathing techniques, relaxation, and safety guidelines. All Levels

Yoga Barre

Combines elements of barre, and yoga. Exercises are high intensity and low impact, choreographed to fun and motivating music, and emphasize toning the legs and butt, as well as strengthening the core.

Yoga to Decompress

A flowing yoga designed to decrease stress while building strength. Relaxation, imagery, stretch & balance. Soothing aromatherapy is offered. All Levels

Simply Stretch & Tone

This class combines Yoga, Barre, toning and simply stretching to compliment your fitness regime. All Levels, EF

Yoga to Decompress

A flowing yoga designed to decrease stress while building strength. Relaxation, imagery, stretch and balance. Soothing aromatherapy is offered. All Levels, EF

Yoga for Everyone

Combines several Yoga styles tailored to the needs of the beginner or the advanced Yoga participant. Various modifications presented. All Levels

Yoga Flow

A Vinyasa Yoga flow of poses communicating the mind/body connection with emphasis on effective movement and safety. All Levels

Universal Barre

Ballet inspired movement without a barre improves posture and balance using gravity and core strength.


A highly aerobic workout based on a unique Latin rhythm and moves. Zumba is a low-impact easy to follow workout. All Levels

For the safety and respect of other members:

  1. Be on time for class
  2. Do not use cell phones
  3. Keep talking to a minimum
  4. No saving spots
  5. Stay for cool-down