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Aquatic Group Classes

View the Aqua Group Fitness Schedule

Contact Renee at Renee.Barrrett@UHhospitals.org with questions or call 440-988-6822.

Levels of Fitness:
Level 1=Beginner
Level 2=Intermediate
Level 3=Advanced


This low to moderate level class emphasizes toning, flexibility and relaxation for the entire body. (Lap Pool, 83-84 degrees) All levels

Aqua Cardio Challenge

Fun, stimulating and invigorating! This class raises your heart rate to target zone then uses intervals of plyometric movement to challenge your strength, balance and reaction time. (Lap Pool, 83-84 degrees) Levels 2 & 3

Aquabatas/Shallow and Deep

This circuit type of workout uses high intensity interval training in the water to challenge your fitness. Levels 2 & 3

Core and Joints

Core and Joint exercises will concentrate on building core strength and joint flexibility, including an overall body stretch. This class is conducted in the deep end of the lap pool. Friday’s mix includes strength work in deep and shallow. (Lap Pool, 83-84 degrees) All levels

Balance, Strength and Mobility

This 45 minute workout takes place in the warm water pool for those with Fibromyalgia, an arthritis disorder. This class will consist of stretching, balance and weights. (Warm water pool, 92 degrees) All levels

Deep Water

Explore the wonders of the deep water to achieve a new level of fitness. With the absence of the bottom to provide support, participants are challenged to work more muscles. (Flotation belts available) (Lap Pool, 83-84 degrees) Levels 2 & 3

Making Waves

Utilize the wonders of the water to improve flexibility, increase strength and energy while toning muscles and increasing endurance without stressing the bones and joints. (Lap Pool, 83-84 degrees) All levels

Yoga In the Water

Experience the benefits of Yoga in the warm water. Gentle poses designed to increase flexibility and strength (Warm water pool, 92 degrees) All levels