Enlighten Weight Management

Preparing for a Lifetime of Good Health with Enlighten

The Fitness Center at University Hospitals Avon Health Center offers a comprehensive weight management program called Enlighten. This program is a personalized approach to weight loss, combining the expertise of nurse practitioners, certified diabetes educators, dietitians, and other health care professionals to help clients reach their goals with powerful results. A full membership to the Fitness Center is included in the program, along with a personal trainer to guide progress.

Taking Control for a Lifetime

A lifetime of effective weight management begins with UH Avon Health Center’s Enlighten Program. Enlighten is not just a weight loss program. Our participants receive support to make lifestyle changes that support the long-term maintenance of a healthy weight. We recognize each person has unique medical, social, emotional and lifestyle needs, so our team members form a partnership with each participant to develop and enhance their health and wellbeing. A healthy weight and exercise program can help prevent and manage:

  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure

About the Enlighten Program

The Enlighten Program, provided at the Fitness Center, is not a short-term, quick-fix diet plan. We understand the importance of safe, healthy and effective nutrition and weight management. Our program offers a wide range of education, evaluation and treatment services to support lifestyle and behavioral changes that promote a healthy, balanced approach to weight management.

Our participants achieve and maintain their ideal weight by learning the key components of weight management, guidelines for eating, physical activity, stress management, body image and more. To track progress, each participant takes part in incremental health risk assessments, fitness evaluations, and body composition measurements.

Unique Program Features for Powerful, Long-Term Results

To ensure each Enlighten participant experiences a successful transition to a healthy lifestyle long after their initial weight loss, our program includes:

  • A multidisciplinary team made up of nurse practitioners, certified diabetes educators, dieticians, registered nurses, fitness specialists and mental health management staff
  • Full membership to the Fitness Center with trainers focused on customizing a program for each person’s individual needs
  • Individualized meal programs designed to achieve optimal results
  • Weekly educational sessions, assessments and consultations with the team to provide continuous support throughout the program

An Affordable Approach to a Life-Changing Experience

For more information about the Enlighten program, including cost and scheduling, please call 440-988-6824 or email Melissa Rau at Melissa.Rau@UHhospitals.org.