Neurosurgery & Neurology Services at UH Ahuja Medical Center

Expertise and Innovative Care for Neurological Disorders

Headaches, stroke, pain and other conditions related to the nervous system can sometimes evade precise diagnosis and treatment. University Hospitals Neurological Institute at UH Ahuja Medical Center’s Risman Pavilion provides immediate access to an unprecedented level of neurological care for patients in Cleveland’s eastern suburbs. From standard diagnostic evaluations to advanced neurosurgical procedures, we offer a full range of neurological services and a sophisticated level of care that cannot be found anywhere else on the eastside.

Multidisciplinary Approach to Neurological Care

More than just neurology and neurosurgery, our integrated multidisciplinary clinic is staffed by our senior faculty, many of whom are nationally recognized experts in a wide variety of disciplines.

In addition to general neurology, we specialize in:

Convenient Access to Neurological Services in Beachwood, OH

UH Ahuja Medical Center offers direct access to the same multidisciplinary team of specialists, advanced technology and full range of medical resources available at UH Neurological Institute, based at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center. Learn more about the services provided at University Hospitals Neurological Institute.