Tier 4 Epilepsy Treatment Center

University Hospitals is a National Association of Epilepsy Centers Tier 4 treatment center—the highest designation for epilepsy care. Our board-certified neurology team provides expert care from relatively mild epilepsy cases to the most complex.

Our epilepsy specialists, called epileptologists, are involved in innovative research, conducting clinical trials and participating in national and international programs that dig deeper into epilepsy’s causes and therapies. We also have a dedicated team focused on pediatric epilepsy to make sure we meet the unique needs of children of all ages.

The science around epilepsy is evolving, and our knowledgeable team is committed to staying on top of new developments to make sure the epilepsy treatment we offer can help our patients live a comfortable and fulfilling life.

Early Diagnosis by an Epilepsy Specialist is Critical to Better Control Seizures

Epilepsy is a brain disorder that causes a person to have sudden, recurring seizures. These can result in a loss of consciousness, convulsions or other serious physical effects.

If you or your loved one has had a seizure, it is critical to see an epileptologist right away. With specialized training in the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy, our UH epileptolgists have the experience and expertise to care for your specific needs.

Epilepsy Medication Management for High-Risk Patients

The majority of people diagnosed with epilepsy can be effectively treated with medication. There are many different epilepsy medications available, and our specialists are well-versed in the benefits and side effects of epilepsy medications available.

Some patients are more prone to epilepsy medication side effects, including elderly patients and pregnant women. Future moms also can have an increased risk of seizures, and depending on the medication, there may be an elevated chance for birth defects. At University Hospitals, our team takes a multidisciplinary approach to effective epilepsy management for expectant moms by bringing together a team of specialists. For women with epilepsy that are considering starting a family, or are already pregnant, our high-risk maternal fetal medicine specialists are part of your care team.

By coming to a specialty team of epileptologists, with the advanced training in epileptic seizures and seizure disorders, you will receive the most appropriate path of care for your epilepsy management.

Continuous Monitoring for Epilepsy Care

If your medications are not managing your seizures effectively, you may be referred to UH’s epilepsy monitoring unit (EMU) that uses advanced technology to continuously monitor brain activity. EMU patients either stop taking or reduce their dose of anti-seizure medications to induce a seizure in a medically supervised, safe environment. This helps our experts determine more information about your disease, including where in the brain seizures are occurring. Our team then pursues more targeted therapy ranging from different medications to possibly surgery.

Advanced Epilepsy Surgery Options to Reduce Seizures

Some epileptic patients do not respond well to medications despite trying multiple therapies. The good news is there are procedures available that can effectively treat epilepsy and reduce the number of seizures - and even possibly leave the patient seizure free – with limited loss of memory. University Hospitals is one of only a few facilities in the country that has the expertise to perform multiple hippocampal transection. Unlike traditional epilepsy procedures, this treatment can limit the spread and synchronization of seizures while leaving the brain intact. For many patients, this procedure can completely eliminate seizures and significantly improve quality of life.

Before any procedure, our neurosurgery team uses the latest imaging technology to make sure we have a clear vision of the surgical area, improving the likelihood of positive outcomes. We also provide advanced Surgical Theater technology, allowing our neurosurgeons to discuss the procedure with patients during a virtual reality walk through of a 3-D simulation of their brain.

Our virtual reality technology eases patient concerns by allowing a visualization of the details of their specific brain surgery – before it happens. Through an interactive discussion between patient and surgeon, patients better understand what to expect with surgery and recovery.

Accessing Treatment for many Types of Epilepsy Close to Home

Once our team has created and implemented a care plan that works for you, we provide follow-up care, medication management and access to other therapies at many of our locations throughout northeast Ohio. Even if you are referred to us from outside the UH system, we will work with your primary care doctor to manage your condition over the long-term, letting you remain close to home while receiving state-of-the-art treatment from the experts at UH.