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CEBPa Gene Mutation Analysis

CCAAT/enhancer binding protein α (CEBPa) is a transcription factor involved in the regulation of myelopoiesis. Somatic mutations of CEBPa are found in about 5-14% of cytogenetically normal AML. CEBPA mutations appear to be associated with a favorable prognosis in AML patients with a normal karyotype and an absence of FLT3 mutation. However, favorable outcome may only be related to the patients carrying double CEBPa mutations. The test sensitivity of this assay is approximately 20%.

Sample Requirements

2-3 mL whole blood or bone marrow in purple top EDTA tube

Sample Handling

Blood and bone marrow samples should be refrigerated or kept cold. Samples should never be frozen. Specimens being sent from outside facilities should be packaged according to standard medical safety practices with a cold pack. The specimen should be shipped by overnight priority [scheduled to arrive by Friday AM at the latest].

Shipping Address:

Center for Human Genetics Laboratory
10524 Euclid Ave, 6th Floor
Cleveland, OH 44106
(216) 983-1134

For local samples, please call the Center for Human Genetics Laboratory (216-983-1134) to arrange for sample pick-up.

Turn Around Time: 1 week

List Price/CPT Codes

  • $464.23 / 81403

Please submit a completed Hematology/Oncology Specimens requisition for each sample.