Advanced Heart Failure Team Accepting Patient Referrals

General Referral Guidelines

Patients with the following cardiovascular conditions should be considered for referral to our Advanced Heart Failure team:

  • NYHA Class III or IV (despite medical/device therapy)
  • Worsening renal function
  • Frequent hospitalization for heart failure exacerbations
  • Intolerance to standard heart failure medications

Refer a Patient

Our Advanced Heart Failure team accepts referrals for patients with any stage of heart failure. To refer a patient for an appointment, call us at 216-844-3800.

UH Transfer Referral Center Expedites Patient Transfers

Referring physicians can expedite patient transfers by calling 216-844-1111 or 800-421-9199 for patient transfer assistance.

Services at our Transfer Referral Center include:

  • Basic or Advanced Life Support (ALS) transports
  • Ground and air medical evacuation
  • Critical care transports

What Your Patients Can Expect

  • A complete physical assessment by a heart failure specialist
  • Individualized care plan developed by the heart failure team and the patient
  • Intensive education on how patient can help manage their heart failure
  • Diet review and instruction on how to follow a low sodium diet
  • Exercise testing and risk stratification
  • Exercise training instruction and guidance
  • Complete medication review and teaching about how to properly take medicines, monitoring for possible side effects and possible medication interactions
  • Help with financial application for medication assistance programs patient might qualify for
  • Assistance with the disability application if patient needs this
  • Opportunity to participate in clinical trials that may lead to future changes in the way heart failure patients are cared for
  • Ventricular assist device (VAD) evaluation
  • Heart transplantation evaluation

University Hospitals Physician Advice Line

The nationally recognized physicians and surgeons at UH Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute are available for consultation or for immediate decision-making advice: 216-844-1001