University Hospitals’ Commitment to Patient Safety

As health care workers, we hold a sacred trust. Our patients trust us with their lives and their family members trust us with their loved ones. Nothing we do is more important than working to ensure the safest environment possible for our patients.

Patient safety is everyone’s responsibility; everyone has a duty to report his or her concerns. UH is committed to a culture of prevention, not punishment. To establish a non-punitive, blame-free culture at UH, the incident reporting system allows reports to be entered anonymously. While the reporting philosophy is designed as non-punitive, at the same time, it acknowledges that each individual is responsible and accountable to his or her patients, the public and other staff to make UH a safe, healthy environment. Each individual is responsible for using best practices and being aware of potential hazards to the patients before taking action or providing treatments.

For additional information regarding patient safety, please feel free to look at The Leapfrog Group’s website: