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All about Sleep - Myths and Facts

Learn about symptoms of sleep disorders, when to consider seeking help from a specialist, and what to expect during a sleep study.

The Dangerous Link Between Diabetes and Heart Disease

Many patients with diabetes also have one or more conditions that contribute to an amplified risk for developing heart disease. Find out if you're at risk.

Kids, COVID and the Return to Sports - Best practices to support safety

Dr. Amanda Weiss Kelly, Chief of Pediatric Sports Medicine and Dr. James Strainic, Pediatric Cardiologist, host an informative talk on the best practices for a healthy return to sports this fall.

Lung Nodules - Facts About These Common Growths and How They're Treated

Learn about common abnormal spots, called lung nodules, that show on a lung cancer screening or other chest imaging test.

Battling the Bulge - What You Need to Know About Hernias

Explanation of the different types of hernias, the latest techniques to repair them, who is at most risk and how to prevent them.

Navigating Womens Health Through COVID-19

An interactive discussion on women’s health including; annual exams, OB and gynecological care and how to stay safe while visiting your doctor.

What Everyone Should Know about Peripheral Artery Disease PAD

Learn more about Peripheral artery disease (PAD) and its conditions, from managing risk factors to the latest diagnosis and treatment options.

Return to Dance Q&A with Cleveland Ballet and UH Sports Medicine

Return to Dance: Q&A with Gladisa Guadalupe, Artist Directory, Cleveland Ballet

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