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Career Exploration Toolkit for School Advisors

For more information or to select an opportunity, contact ClinicalResearch@UHhospitals.org or the UH Research Integration & Education Specialist you are working with. All services are free.

Group Setting Opportunities:

Education Session on “What is Clinical Research”

This 1-hour educational seminar will enlighten students on what clinical research is and the impact it has on advancing healthcare. This can be done in person in a class lecture hall or over Zoom.

Join a Career Day to educate students

This informational experience will provide an overview of the careers involved in making clinical research happen.  Students will hear testimonials from clinical researchers at University Hospitals, participate in a Candy Research Project to gain insight on what it is like to be a research participant.  In addition, an interactive research timeline from UH is available.

Attend a Job Fair

This option allows a chance for a large group of students to learn more about clinical research careers by speaking one-on-one with our clinical research team.  When attending a job fair, the University Hospitals Clinical Research Center provides students with an opportunity to network, learn about clinical research and any potential internship/job opportunities, distribute their resumes for potential employers, gather additional information about clinical research, and sign up to learn about any upcoming and future positions in clinical research.

Q&A Panel with Research Education & Integration Specialists

Learn about clinical research careers directly from the source.  This 30 – 60 minute educational session will allow students and/or staff to have open dialogue with UH Research Education and Integration Specialists.  Gain additional insight into the background of researchers, daily task, skills needed, etc.

Individual Student Opportunities:

Observation Program Series

A personal learning opportunity for students to shadow and observe the day-to-day tasks and procedures of different careers within clinical research.  This allows a chance for students to be exposed to the various clinical research careers and gain additional insights and knowledge to help guide students for a future career.

YOU PEAKE Internship Program (120 Contact Hours)

An opportunity for students throughout Cuyahoga County to apply for a career exploration experience.  If selected, students can get involved within clinical research at University Hospitals, to gain hands on experience and professional skills while networking with peers and professionals.  To learn more, contact Internship Specialist, Eric Graham at egraham@youthopportunities.org.

Departmental Internships

Departmental internships are a paid, encounter for students to work with a select research department and work on current clinical research studies.  A student can gain practical knowledge and understanding of the different skills and qualities relevant for a career in research. These internships will be posted on our Career Page with “Intern” or “Clinical Research Assistant PRN” in the job title. Students can contact ClinicalResearch@UHhospitals.org to be a part of our listserv of new internships and entry level positions.


Clinical Research Informational Packet

  • Clinical Research Career Path and Job Descriptions: A breakdown of clinical research careers and a description of what each role entails.
  • UH Clinical Research Shadowing Program: Provides an overview of requirements for students to shadow clinical researchers.

Internship Toolkit for Students in Internships

A comprehensive packet of materials for students that are interested in pursuing an internship in a clinical research role.  These materials will provide guidelines for students, checklists of tasks, tips and tools for internships, and more.

CITI Training for Human Research

This online learning module provides a comprehensive overview of the essential elements of good clinical practice, which all clinical researchers must adhere to.  Taking these modules will teach those interested in clinical research about FDA regulations, history of clinical research, monitoring clinical research studies, how to properly conduct clinical research, and more. Students can learn more about UH’s Human Subjects Protection training by visiting the CREC Website.