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Shadowing Program

The University Hospitals Clinical Research Shadowing Program allows high school, college students, and prospective career seekers, who are interested in research careers, the opportunity to see researchers in action, by shadowing a specific research area of interest and learn more about the field. 

Why shadow?

Shadowing is a perfect way to experience a “day in the life” of a working professional without the commitment of a long-term job or internship. In research, shadowing allows the opportunity to gain career exposure in a research career field and supports career exploration. Shadowing also:

  • Provides career guidance and helps discover your passion  
  • A way to learn professional etiquette   
  • Allows for networking and make professional contacts   
  • Sets the stage for a future internship   
  • Gain insight on current research at UH
  • Increase confidence in the workforce
  • Is great to add to your resume

What Will I Be Doing?

While in the UH Clinical Research Shadowing Program, you will be observing a research career area, within a department of interest. Applicants will NOT actually be conducting research, but will be able to gain more understanding of what is required to successfully conduct the work associated with their research career of interest.

What Are the Requirements?

  • Must be at least a junior in high school or above
  • Completed Observation Application.
  • A copy of Photo ID (Driver license or Student ID works)
  • A copy of your Health Insurance (in case of any emergencies)
  • Completion report of Compliance Training
  • Proof of 2-Step TB or T-Spot (blood draw TB) within 6 months of observation experience
  • Copy of COVID Vaccination Card (Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson)
  • Proof of Flu vaccine (if student wants to shadow before the spring)
  • Applicants are allowed up to 30 calendar days, within a year, to shadow at UH