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Research Finance Specialists

For service, the best person to contact is the Research Finance Specialist listed below who is assigned to your department. If you are not sure who your Research Finance representative is, please contact Annette Spadaro, Research Finance Supervisor.

Annette Spadaro
Research Finance Supervisor
Phone: 216-983-5635
Email: Annette Spadaro@UHHospitals.org

Scott Portwood
Research Finance Specialist
Phone: 216-983-4984
Email: Scott.Portwood@UHHospitals.org

Shanna Gates
Research Finance Specialist
Phone: 216-983-1014
Email: Shanna.Gates@UHHospitals.org

Rachel Wilhoit
Research Finance Specialist
Phone: 216-983-5162
Email: Rachel.Wilhoit@UHHospitals.org

Briana McGinness
Research Finance Specialist I
Phone: 216-286-2208
Email: Briana.McGinness@UHhospitals.org

Gina Stefanko
Research Finance Specialist
Phone: 216-843-8659
Email: Gina.Stefanko@UHhospitals.org

Yulonda Williams
Research Finance Specialist I
Phone: 216-283-4988
Email: Yulonda.Williams@UHhospitals.org

General Inquiries

You may also send an email to ResearchBiller@UHhospitals.org and a member of the team will respond to you within two business days.

General questions/initial guidance can also be directed to Kathy Hammerhofer, Finance Director.

Kathy Hammerhofer
Director, Research Finance
Phone: 216-844-1633
Email: Kathy.Hammerhofer@UHhospitals.org