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Research Grants Contracts & Accounting Policies

University Hospitals Clinical Research Center Grant and Contract Policies listed below are available through UH PolicyStat.

If you are unable to access the policies please contact Kumar Mukesh, MBA, Director, Grants Accounting at 216-844-8404.

R-1 – Clinical Research Investigation
R-2 – Patient Billing Under Research Grants
R-8 – Acceptance of Grants
R-10 – Archiving Grants Historical Data (Pre 4/1/03)
R-11 – Archiving Grants Historical Data (Post 4/1/03)
R-12 – Budgetary Control and Funds Checking
R-13 – Post Award Cash Management
R-14 – Charging Direct and Indirect Costs
R-15 – Cost Sharing, Matching and In-Kind Contributions
R-16 – Grants Accounting: Development of Clinical Trial Budgets
R-17 – Effort Reporting
R-18 – Funding Requests to External Sources
R-19 – Grants Accounting: Clearing Accounts
R-20 – Grants Accounting: Cost Transfer
R-21 – Grants Proposal
R-22 – Labor Distribution: Adjustments
R-23 – Labor Distribution: Archiving Historical Data
R-24 – Labor Distribution: Payroll & Period Close
R-25 – Labor Distribution: Payroll Assignment
R-27 – Labor Distribution: Suspense Accounts
R-28 – Pre-award Account Numbers
R-29 – Pre-award Costs
R-30 – Grants Accounting
R-32 – Grants Accounting: No Cost Extension
R-33 – Grants Accounting: Distribution of Facility and Administration (F&A) Costs Recovered Through Grants and Contracts
R-34 – Grants Accounting: Award Close Out
R-35 – Grants Accounting: Residual Funds Transfer from Completed Grant Awards
R-36 – Grants Accounting: Managing Grants and Contracts funded to Community Hospitals
R-37 – Grants Accounting: Centralized Sponsor Invoicing / Billing
R-38 – Fiscal Management of Grants and Philanthropic Gifts