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Reconstructive Urology Research

Advanced research conducted in reconstructive urology will improve a patient’s quality of life. The highly-skilled research team comprising clinicians, basic scientists, biomedical engineers and epidemiologists, in collaboration with patient and community stakeholders, asks meaningful questions and designs research methods to best answer them.

Studies will identify new ways to treat urinary tract complications in cancer survivors from previous surgery or radiation. Prospective, multi-center studies on urethroplasty outcomes and ureteral reconstruction for iatrogenic ureteral injuries will inform best practices for treating these cases.

Gender affirmation is a new area of focus and is an evolving cross-disciplinary field, and a dedicated team of researchers is understanding ways to improve reconstructive surgery for masculinizing as well as feminizing genitoplasty. A prospective registry for transgender patients will standardize patient intake and allow sharing of data among the region’s medical centers.

As we continue to understand health treatments and services for transgender people, another study is focused on the development and validation of tools for understanding sexual function outcomes in transgender women.