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Industry Partners

Siemens Healthcare

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UH Cleveland Medical Center and Case Western Reserve University collaborate with Siemens Healthineers, dating over 30 years, to develop and translate MRI technology. This strategic partnership has touched multiple areas of MRI, including parallel imaging and MR-guided intervention. In addition, this partnership has led to the ongoing development and translation efforts in MR Fingerprinting, a platform technology for building a quantitative underlay to MRI.

GE Healthcare

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GE Healthcare is a manufacturer and distributor of diagnostic and imaging agents and radiopharmaceuticals for medical imaging. In addition, GE Healthcare is a leader in developing innovative technological solutions for medical imaging, information technologies, diagnostics, patient monitoring, and more. GE Healthcare and UH have been long-standing partners in integrating diagnostics for more efficient and effective care. Currently, GE and UH have combined forces to focus on better patient care through AI and Innovation.

Philips Healthcare

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UH Department of Radiology has a long-standing relationship with Philips, which has led to more than 120 research and development projects, clinical trials, and validation studies, which created more than 200 scientific deliverables (papers, abstracts, invited talks, posters, reviews, etc.), and multiple business transfers and ID/patents. Our most recent collaboration focuses on the Vereos Digital PET/CT, installed at UHCMC in late 2020.


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SECTRA is UH’s supplier for PACS and a VNA solution. Together, UH and SECTRA implemented the cloud-based Image Exchange Portal (IEP), which allows provider organizations (through a collaboration agreement) to share digital imaging securely online, eliminating the need for portable CDs and DVDs.


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Hologic is an innovative medical technology company that focuses primarily on improving women's health and well-being through early detection and treatment. UH Department of Radiology and Hologic have partnered in clinical trials and created advanced techniques to detect breast cancers for many years. Currently, Hologic and UH are focused on creating better patient care through AI and Innovation.

Other Industry Partners

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  • Azmed
  • Blue Earth Diagnostics
  • MIM
  • ACR
  • Techsomed
  • Riverain