The Cornea Image Analysis Reading Center has a history of over 20-years of publications

It was the reading center for the Specular Microscopy Ancillary Study (SMAS) of the Cornea Donor Study, a National Eye Institute-sponsored 10-year, 1,100-patient multicenter study examining the effect of donor age on graft survival and endothelial cell loss (Ophthalmology 115:620-26, 2008; 115:627-32, 2008; 120:2419-27, 2013; 120:2428-35, 2013).

It was also the reading center for the NEI-sponsored Cornea Preservation Time Study (CPTS), a five-year, 1,330 eyes study involving 40 clinical sites and 22 eye banks examining the effect of preservation time on graft survival and endothelial cell loss (Cornea 34:601-08, 2015; JAMA Ophthalmology 135:1394-1400, 2017; JAMA Ophthalmology 137:185-193, 2019).

The CIARC published its 2 year and 5 year findings on the endothelial cell loss changes with the CyPass microshunt device that received wide recognition in the ophthalmic community (Cornea 38:325-331, 2019; Am J Ophthalmol 208:211-18, 2019).

Complete List of Publications [PDF]