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The capabilities of the CIARC include collection and analyses of images pre-, during, and post-study intervention.

The CIARC has developed calibration techniques that allow us to analyze images from a variety of specular microscopes and confocal instruments for endothelial studies, and calibration techniques for other anterior segment studies.

The CIARC most notably has pioneered the use of a dual-grading reading method, whereby all images are read and analyzed by two separate readers, and adjudicated by a third reader, as necessary, ensuring the validity of the image analysis (Current Eye Res 31:1-9, 2006; Ophthalmology 115:620-26, 2008; JAMA Ophthalmology 135:1394-1400, 2017;). A web-based image management system enables seamless transfer of images to the CIARC.

Finally, the CIARC conducts focused web trainings detailing study-specific procedures for image capture, export, and upload to the CIARC.