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Research Labs

Psoriasis Center of Research Translation (CORT)

Funded by the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, this center seeks to advance knowledge of Psoriasis by making extensive use of health informatics and research and combining it with data-mining and advanced analytics.

Center for Medical Mycology

The Center for Medical Mycology serves as a reference for clinicians and the pharmaceutical industry in the study of fungal diseases, as well as performing research on fungal pathogenesis, virulence, and biology.

Skin Diseases Research Center

The Skin Diseases Research Center seeks to provide value to investigators, through focus on uniting basic and translational science, as well as enhance their career development and provide a wide variety of resources.

Yoshida Lab

The Yoshida Lab uses a multifaceted research approach of in vitro biochemical assays, in vivo mouse models, human melanoma specimens and more to improve therapies for melanomas which cannot be removed by surgery.